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League Age Keys

2020 Pony League Age Key:

Below you will find link to the League Age Key for players based on their date of birth:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact DYBSA at: [email protected]

2018 League Age Key Changes:

New Age Cutoff Date announced by PONY at National Level - Mid-Michigan PONY to grandfather-in new age date:

While PONY at national level changed age determinate date to August 31, for all age levels, Mid-Michigan PONY decided to grandfather-in the new August 31 age date.  DYBSA agrees with Mid-Michigan's decision on this and will adopt the same implementation.  This minimizes the effect on existing players, which would have forced them up to next age level, effectively removing a playing season for them under DYBSA.  

For 2018, players at the 8u Recreation Level will use August 31 age date, while 9u and above will continue to use April 30 age date.  
For 2019, those players moving up to 9u Level would continue to use August 31 age date (along with 8u Rec players).
For 2020, those players moving up to 10u Level would continue to use August 31 age date (along with 9u and 8u players).

Travel teams will need to pay close attention to tournament age date rules to ensure entire team roster is eligible.  Local Lansing-area tournaments should also adopt the "grandfather-in" policy if they play weekday games in Mid-Michigan PONY, but you'll want to check tournament rules on this before registering.

Please refer to the Baseball League Age Key under the Baseball Info tab on main page.